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We bring your workforce back to productivity.

Injuries are difficult for everyone concerned: for the employee, company, and insurance provider. We understand the pain and the difficulty of a disabling injury, and we understand the business reality affected by such injuries. We focus on the patient, delivering effective care with empathy, bringing each employee back to their feet, back to health, and back to work. Here are just a few of the services we offer:

Orchard RN case managers are specially trained and highly experienced. They are trained, audited, and supervised by a team of industry experts, each of whom has CCM or CDMS certification and an average of 18+ years in case management. In our fragmented healthcare system, focused injury care coordination is even more vital. We get it: work injuries require urgent and dedicated attention. Our caseloads are low enough to provide the highest level of care management possible, while our goal is to drive the best outcomes and highest level of function.

Nurse case managers, who get an update to you within minutes and who treat each case as if it's our only one, make your job easier. Whether a full time Orchard nurse or a network partner nurse is on your claim, you can be sure we offer the most highly skilled and effective choice. Referrals can easily be made on our referral page. For any additional information on our national coverage, please contact Justin Reid.

Catastrophic (CAT) injuries are life-changing injuries that usually occur suddenly and without warning. They leave a lasting impact on the life of the injured worker and his/her family, and also accompany acute and long term medical cost risks to the employer and insurance carrier.

Orchard nurses complete extensive training in catastrophic care coordination, delivered by our Vice President of Case Management, a Master’s level clinical educator. Our nurses’ caseloads are among the lowest in our industry, giving them the ability to provide focused attention on demanding CAT claims. Throughout this process, our highest priority is to ensure clear communication, prompt service, and focused acute healthcare management and coordination.

With dedicated and responsive medical management by an Orchard CAT nurse case manager, the injured worker is assured the best possible outcome, while the risk of complications and increased costs are mitigated.

With 24/7 service and availability, Orchard Medical Consulting is prepared!

Orchard Medical Consulting has developed an aggressive injury management program that allows our Nurse Case manager to coordinate the initial care of an injured worker as soon as the injury occurs.

Our qualified, specially trained Early Intervention nurse case manager receives the first report of injury immediately. We then promptly begin the process of managing the providers, communicating with the employer and insurance adjuster, and making appropriate recommendations for future medical management of the injury. Early Intervention allows for improved communication with the injured worker and their employer to facilitate quick return to work. Our detailed outline of anticipated length of disability and projected medical care information provides you with the tools you need to effectively manage your claims/employee injuries.

Orchard excels on offering the best quality services possible to our clients and our translation is no exception. We pride ourselves on bringing you swift and personable interpretation. Need someone in a pinch? We excel at short notice coverage and are frequently able to accommodate, providing an interpreter with same day coverage.

We specialize in independent medical examinations, full capacity examinations, physical therapy visits, psychiatric evaluations and any doctor’s appointments you may need. Whether by phone or email, we are eager to assist you and know you will love our services.